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By signing this, I confirm that statements included in the above application are true to the best of my knowledge. I understand that S&K Asphalt will exercise the right to investigate these statements, and if any are proven to be false, I will be dismissed from the company.

S&K Asphalt and Paving has my permission to contact the enclosed references and discuss freely my background and any information I have provided or to which the references may have access. By providing these references, I agree that they may supply S&K Asphalt with information regarding my background without fear of repercussion to themselves or their respective companies.

I understand that any and all agreements made or entered into relative to this application and information provided may be presented and signed only by an authorized representative of S&K Asphalt and must be in writing.

Statements made in this document may not be used in any capacity that is prohibited by state and federal laws.